Critical Beats is dedicated to working efficiently in order to channel funds where they’re needed most. This includes asking all artists to donate music, as well as, operating with a volunteer-based staff. There are costs, however, associated with the project, mostly involving promotional (e.g. music distribution) and administrative (e.g. web hosting, paypal fees, etc.) efforts. To cover these, we ask you to consider making a direct contribution to the organization. By donating below you help us cover cost necessary to share music that contributes to a better future.

Donations go toward grassroots projects that empower indigenous communities of the Amazon to retain their rainforest lands and sustain cultural identity. Organizations we work with include:

  • Amazon Watch
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Rainforest Action Network
  • Join our mailing list and Join us on facebook to stay connected.
  • Throw a fundraising party featuring Critical Beats music and share CB’s important mission with your friends.  Celebrating is a wonderful opportunity to bring friends together for an important cause.  For details on how to receive music for your party, E-MAIL US HERE.
  • Volunteer to be a street team promoter for new Critical Beats album releases and events!  E-MAIL US HERE.
  • Become a contributing artist: E-MAIL US HERE.
  • Become a partner or sponsor to support the project: E-MAIL US HERE.
  • Visit often for latest releases and events, as well as, to stay informed about rainforest and climate policy and direct action initiatives.


You can do things every day to support worldwide rainforest conservation

  • Do not eat fast-food beef
  • Purchase Fair Trade goods and Rainforest Alliance Certified Products, including coffee and bananas
  • Use only “tree-free” or 100% post-consumer recycled paper
  • Use only Certified Sustainable Harvested Wood from well-managed forests
  • Tell others about the importance of saving the rainforest and what they can do
  • Plant trees wherever you can!
  • Support boycotts against companies that pollute or exploit the rain forests.  Action alerts can be found on Rainforest Action Network or Amazon Watch.