Jack Mazzotti – The Divine Order Of Creation

1) Triptych
I. The Dance of the Humming Birds
ll. The Supremacy of Christ
lll. The Sea Glass and Fire
2) Diatom Mandala

Celebrate Earth Day with CB’s latest release from Jack Mazzotti. From his early childhood Jack has recognized the beauty of nature as an unending source of inspiration for both spiritual growth and artistic development. From snowflakes and diatoms to blue whales and bands of the Milky Way, the depth and diversity of creation has fed Jack and his music. According to the artist, “As part of Critical Beats this album highlights the importance of maintaining God’s creation with particular emphasis on the irreplaceable and incalculable treasure of the Amazon rainforest. Ideal listening conditions are high quality headphones and somewhere beautiful outdoors.”

100% of proceeds from this album supports Fundacion Runa a non-profit providing tools and resources to indigenous communities and farmers’ associations working towards their vision of sustainable development in the Ecuadorian Amazon. For more information visit:

So grab the music, support the cause, get outside and celebrate being part of the great unfolding. Happy Earth Day and special thanks for choosing ways in your life that promote the life of our planet!

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