Jack has been involved in creative pursuits his entire life. Starting out a visual artist as a child, he later studied drums, guitar, keyboards and music synthesis as well as art in college. Growing up listening to Yes, the Grateful Dead, progressive rock bands, european jazz and classical it was the discovery of the endless sound worlds of ambient radio stations like Hearts of Space and Musical Starstreams in the 80’s however that truly captured his artistic attention.

A self described “synth freak” and lover of collective improvisation Jack seeks to continuously push the boundaries of his soundscapes with new, unheard sounds and uplifting, life affirming musical expressions. His creative process in the studio utilizes cutting edge software and hardware music technology, intricate sound design, mostly live mixing and always great amounts of improvisation.

Drawing great inspiration from the beauty of nature all of his music to dedicated to worshipping God. As a Christian Jack believes the Amazonian rainforest is one of the crown jewels of God’s creation on earth. Allowing it to perish would have to be one of mankind’s most foolish errors. So he is honored to offer this music up to help preserve both Amazon and its rightful caretakers the indigenous tribal inhabitants.

Jack’s sound design work has been featured in Spectrasonics virtual instrument Omnisphere and the Bob Moog Tribute Library.