Critical Beats Transfers $5000 +

Critical Beats transfers $5000+ in previous album sales to support organizations like Metareilá of the Suruí People in Brazil. This group is a Rainforest Action Network Protect-An-Acre participant who is using Google mapping and carbon rights to help protect their land.

Intelepaths – Neon Arrows EP

An interstellar experience of soulful vocal harmonies and throbbing, organic rhythms, Intelepaths’ debut release “Neon Arrows” will escort you into a sonic wonderland far exceeding any attempt at explanation. Tribal vibrations buzz pleasantly amongst the warm mists of this telepathic duo’s mystical productions, and the result is an ecstasy inducing tide of sound that will wash over you like wave of pure sonic bliss. From the glitchy melodic orchestration ...

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Kickstarter Launch!

Check out the new video co-produced by/featuring our indigenous partners of the Ecuadorian Amazon. SUPPORT THE PROJECT HERE

Coming Soon: Various Artists – Spirit Of La Selva

We are just a few days away from releasing the new compilation "Spirit Of La Selva". This compilation is an all star cast of some of the best in modern electronic music including: Tipper ill-esha Akara Kayla Scintilla Desert Dwellers and many more... Stay tuned for more information.

Lightning In A Bottle

Critical Beats artists Bluetech and Adrien Sane will be presenting a special audio video set at the Lightning In A Bottle festival in Irvine, CA. This set will feature custom visuals from Adrien Sane, a live electronic set by Bluetech, as well as video from our recent trip to Ecuador working with the Tawasap community.

Amazon Voice team completes third expedition to South America

Artists Evan Bluetech and Adrien Sane went down with the Amazon Voice team to the Shuar village of Tawasp, teaching the community about filming and music editing.  100% of the proceeds from Bluetech’s album Rainforest Reverberations went to fund this project.  The people of the village are currently feeling intense pressure from corporations and the government as a freeway is being constructed straight into their home territory.  Please help us ...

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