Knowa Knowone


Knowa Knowone is a Bay Area turntablist/producer and co-owner of the record label Street Ritual. He is considered one of the founders of “Glitch Hop”. Fans know Knowa as someone who vibes off of his crowd’s energy, directly connecting to his audience, raising them to a euphoric and ecstatic state. His live sets are funky, fun and have every single person on the dancefloor. Hailing from North Carolina, Knowa began his professional career as a DJ, producer and promoter over a decade ago, cutting his teeth at raves and drum and bass events from New York to Miami. His first Hip Hop crew was recognized by The Zulu Nation, and the roots and values of HipHop are still a strong influence on his music.

Knowa Knowone has performed with artists such as Noisia, Freq Nasty, Random Rab, and Mimosa, playing shows around the globe and festivals including Symbiosis Gathering, Burning Man, The Boom Festival (Portugal), and Electric Picnic (Ireland). Knowa was recently featured on the Transnational Dubstep Compilation, released by Generation Bass and Six Degrees Records. Knowa has collaborated with the artists such as Ill.Gates, David Starfire and Souleye. Knowa’s release with Sleepyhead as Knowsleep, released in 2008 put Knowa on the map as one of the pioneers for glitch hop and dubstep in the US. Knowa has been releasing music on San Francisco’s premiere dubstep and glitch powerhouse label Muti Music for the last three years, and his production has been highly revered. His past releases “Free Energy”, “Noble Savage”, and “Sound Paintings” have shown his ability to move effortlessly between Dubstep, Glitch Hop, and Experimental Hip Hop. Knowa’s music combines traditional midtempo and breakbeat with deep bass, glitchy sounds, ethnic rhythms, and psychedelia to create a sound that stands out as uniquely Knowa Knowone. In 2011, Knowa will tour extensively to promote the Street Ritual label and the release of his new EP ‘Sound Paintings’ out now on Muti Music.

Critical Beats Releases:

Critical Beats is at it again, raising funds for environmental justice with another electro-Amazonian mix. This time they’ve enlisted Oakland’s whomp wizard Knowa Knowone to weave indigenous Peruvian songs into some truly progressive music. Best of all 100% of the proceeds go to preserve the Amazon rainforest, which is one of the most effective ways to counteract global climate change. Donate a couple bucks, download the album, spread the word, and save the planet.
released 28 February 2011

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