Intelepaths (ill-esha + Unlimited Gravity)


A Vocal / Acapella / Beatbox / Looping / Glitchy / Bass Music / Pop Extravaganza


At the center of a musical crossroads where classical, electronic, funk, and hip hop converge, two parallel universes collide to form Intelepaths. Combining many different styles of performance, both artists wield microphones, instruments and intergalactic weapons with equal expertise, weaving live freestyles, lush vocal harmonies, and filthy bass into sophisticated sonic tapestries.

Creating their first masterpiece through a happy accident of simultaneous telepathy, ill-esha and Unlimited Gravity continue to conquer new galaxies, ever expanding the boundaries of acapella and electronic music. Each artist emerges from a foundation of classical music and a love for the broken-beat spectrum to form this unique duo – balancing light to dark, soul to grime, and life to love.

With a mission to build bridges between the galaxies of live and electronic music, their performance is a joyful, dynamic alchemy – turning universal love into musical gold.


Organic sounds, sweet vocals, love for the universe, acapella beatbox looping synergistic BEAT MAYHEM