Interweaving the voice of the Amazon with the current musical inspirations from artists around the world in a united effort to preserve our most critical environmental resources. 

Like the music you hear?  Want to do something to help the people and the native lands that are creating the original vibration of these beats? 

Join Rainforest Action Network in some of their savvy environmental campaigns that are getting REAL results FAST.  Here are some things you can do right now:

  1. BulletChange Chevron Campaign:  Sign the petition or call Chevron to demand the clean-up of the Ecuadorean Amazon.

  2. BulletThe Problem With Palm Oil: (Petition to General Mills to Stop Deforestation in Indonesia for Palm Oil)

  3. BulletGet the youth involved:

Artists Evan Bluetech and Adrien Sane went down with the Amazon Voice team to the Shuar village of Tawasp, teaching the community about filming and music editing.  100% of the proceeds from Bluetech’s album Rainforest Reverberations went to fund this project.  The people of the village are currently feeling intense pressure from corporations and the government as a freeway is being constructed straight into their home territory.  Please help us tell their story through their ability to record and broadcast these injustices.  Please see the Amazon Voice website for more details.
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Bluetech’s special edition, full-length album is more than incredible music, it is an invitation to celebrate and help protect the immense biodiversity of the Rainforest which constitute the lungs of our planet. By purchasing this album you are engaging in one of the most effective ways to combat global warming and support social justice for indigenous caretakers of these lands. Furthermore, your contribution marks the beginning of a journey which will eventually result in a historic, multi-cultural collaboration, involving Bluetech and indigenous Amazonian musicians from a network of small villages in Ecuador.

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